Chronochrome in action
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Chronochrome - the colour clock - is an unusual gift for people who appreciate something different. This is the present for the man or woman who has everything. The unique Chronochrome makes an original gift or conversation piece - there's nothing quite like it on sale anywhere else in the world!

People tell us that the Chronochrome 'grows on you', and they tell us it is 'fascinating'. Other adjectives that we have heard include 'restful', 'relaxing', 'soothing', 'absorbing' and 'interesting'.

Chronochrome is both a visual and mental stimulant. While you learn the colour code it is a puzzle: master the code and it becomes a clock for the cognoscenti.

In the nursery it is a comforting night light for the young. Older children can learn the code to read the time and learn valuable logic skills in the process.

In the study Chronochrome is a welcome, but not intrusive, diversion from work. If time seems to be marching by too fast, slow the pace right down by switching it into lightshow mode and relax as you sense, rather than see, the colours changing.

In the workplace or the lounge it is a conversation piece as your friends admire it as an ornament and try to work out what it is.

The base of the device could be silk-screened with a company logo for use as an incentive or corporate gift.