Chronochrome in action
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Chronochrome - a Clock

Clocks usually have hands or digits to indicate the time. Chronochrome is different: it uses colours to represent hours, minutes and seconds. Chronochrome is a clock that tells the time with its six luminous coloured rings representing the six digits of the twenty-four hour clock, starting at 00:00:00 (midnight) and going all the way through to 23:59:59 (one second before midnight 24 hours later. At any moment in time each ring shows one of nine different colours to represent the numbers from one to nine. An unlit ring represents 0.

The complete colour code is as follows

0 - 
 Black (unlit)
1 - 
2 - 
3 - 
4 - 
5 - 
6 - 
7 - 
8 - 
9 - 

So 12:34:56 is:

Quarter-past eight in the morning is:

and 10:45 and 15 seconds at night is:

The last two digits are what gives the clock its fascination. The colour of the rightmost ring changes every second, whilst the next one to it changes every ten seconds. Thus each second of the day has a unique pattern: look away for a few minutes and when you come back the whole mood has changed with a different set of colours.

The name Chronochrome is derived from chronos, the Greek word for time and chroma, the Greek for colour. What could be a more appropriate name? View Clock


Chronochrome - a Nightlight

All the rings shine a warm white and the brightness can be adjusted from 'good enough to read by' down to a dim but reassuring glow. View Nightlight


Chronochrome - a Mood Light

The vivid, rich colours can also be appreciated at leisure by watching the light shows. There are three different displays, pick your favourite!

In Show 1 all the rings in the tube glow the same colour and progress almost imperceptibly from one colour to the next in a restful display.

In Show 2 the six rings change colour at random and independently of one another. The relationship between the rings is always changing and you are unlikely to see the same pattern more than once! Pastel colours predominate, but strong primary colours suddenly appear to keep you on your toes.

Show 3 mimics a rainbow, but with a twist. Each ring in the tube starts as a rainbow colour - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. Very slowly the colours move along the tube, and the ring you are watching has changed to the next colour without you seeing it do so.